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Ben and Kayla present...
Before the Arrival

Before the Arrival
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So much to do, so much to think about...

On this page, we'll describe some of the events leading up to our baby's birth. For example, we might describe how we first found out we were pregnant and how we celebrated. Or, we might include a scanned picture from our ultrasound (if we had one).

The Baby Shower

Here we might describe and include some pictures from our baby shower.

A party on a porch; Size=240 pixels wide

The Baby's Room

Here we might describe the work we did to get the baby's room in shape and include a few pictures of how it turned out.

A woman playing with children; Size=180 pixels wide

How We Chose Our Baby's Name

Selecting a name for a new baby is a fun, emotional, and momentous decision. Here we'll describe why we chose the name that we did. We'll also mention some of the alternatives we considered.

If we got particularly good service from a baby supplies store, or have a book that we think other future parents would enjoy, we might include a recommendation or web site link here.