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JoB InFo
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Anything you want to put on here? Do you little kids want to earn money? DO the little kids want to just be creative in a fun and better way?? Look at all these clinks, AND DON'T EVEN MISS ONE!!

These are true stuff that happened with new jobs for kids, creative kids, acting, anything. Just take your time and read on a little.
My name is Gloria Donalds. I am 9 years old. I always begged my mom for money, and she always said, "Get a job, Glore. JUST GET A JOB!" So fianlly, one day, this person in my class was sitting at lunch with me. I told her that my mom wanted me to earn money, not really a job, and she said that she knows how because she got to get a job from it. (She has her own Bakery, by the way,) and so she told me this site. I tild my mom about it. We got on, togeter. We e-maild We told them about what all happened. THey returned with an answer 4 days later having a list of stuff of ways to earn money. We chose to sell gifts for teachers. They also said some other stuff that was cool. I thyink that this website is really creative. Why didn't I ever think of stuff like this?!?!?

Don't call, do a draw.

There were a lot of people who e-mailed me, ESPECIALLY ABOUT JOBS FOR KIDS!! So we told them the jobs open, they picked one, and I said they could e-mail me what they want the website, so they did. I said that if you want to, then you don't have to call, you had to e-mail what you wanted to say and we would see who we think should put on there. Really, only a little bit of people want to add what happened to this site. You can, anytime, though. :)
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