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Casey learns to write.

Casey Learns To Write Casey was 4 years old. She went to school for the first time. She loved it!! She would play on the computer, write on the chalkboard, and just have fun. She also went to Kindergarten. loved it!! She went to 1st grade. Loved it. She went to second grade. It got much harder. She kind of liked it, but it still was hard. One day she just learned to write. When she got home from school, she said, "Mommy!! Mommy!! I know how to write!!" her mom said, "That's great." "Why don't you make me a short, little story?" "Well, I don't know if I can yett, but I'll try," said Casey. "Alright," said her mom. Casey got out 3 sheets of paper. She could not think of a title. "Mommy?," she said, "I dont know what the title should be." "It should be you getting a new puppy," her mom siad. "Great idea, mom!!"aid Casey. Casey loved puppys. She wrote about her getting a new puppy. Well now everyday she writes. When gets home from school, writes. When finishes eating, writes. She loves to write. In writing now at school, she always makes a's. She loves it.

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