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*About Us* and jokes!! | JoB InFo | Mini-Stories from a 7 and a 6 Year old!! | 8 and Older Stories | A Wining 7 Year Old or Under!!
*About Us* and jokes!!
Your Logo!!

On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Why We Like To Do This

WE think that little kids should have fun, just like s. If the child wants to earn some money, this is perfect. We can give him\her jobs to do, (fun jobs), and really good, and cool fun stuff. If they want to be an actress, send them off to this Acting Class that is called S.T.A.G.E in Cornerstone Assmbly Of God. I know you will want to know like what jobs to get, if you want to put a joke or a little story on here, so e-mail us for anything at We just think that children should have fun instead of wasting it bye whatching t.v, so get out there and follow you dreams!!   {More Following Dreams, whatch Disney Channel. But we don't think you should whatch for long!!}      You Logo

Little Cute Jokes

CINDY-Knock, knock.  BOB-Who's there?? CINDY-Oswald.
BOB-Oswald who?? CINDY-Oswald my gum!! Hi. My name is Christina. I am 8 years old. One time, I was with my older step-sister, Hanna. I came to the window because no one would answer the door. The window was open a little, and Hanna was right there, watching t.v. I said "Knock, knock." Not trying to say a joke. she said "Who's there??" I said "Ummmmm, oh, Oswald."... and we said the joke. Finally, she let me in at the door.
CURT-Knock, knock. BEN-Who's there? CURT-Boo. BEN-Boo, *w*HOO?? CURT-Don't cry. It's only a joke!! Hello!! My name is David. I am 10 years. I did this joke to my mom when we were eating. She laughd at first, then she said, "I don't get it." Then I just stared at her, confused. THen she said "I'M JUST KIDDING!!"

To put something on this website or ask for jobs or just anything, e-mail We don't call, So do a draw.