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Mini-Stories from a 7 and a 6 Year old!!
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Stories and Picturs from Different Special People!!

Carol and Natalie
Carol and Natalie are really good friends. They get on the swings, play on there, and then they go, yep, that's right, they go swimming.
They play a lot of games in the pool!! They play Stars, Cataglroys, and different stuff. They always play!!    Bye:Christy Ryans
My story was part of the 7 and under's mini stories.

Picture Time!

This is me, (Rebecca) with my other friends.
We were hanging out on July 4th, having a 16 fun-time blast!!!

Canoe ride; Size=130 pixels wide

Penny Colors Terrific!

Penny Colors Terrific!!

Penny likes to color. Color, color, color. Well, one time, her friend, Kim, who is 2 years older than she is was coloring. Penny joind in. "How do you color like that?" Kim asked Penny. Penny couldn't belive it!! She thought that she colord really bad, and Kim's was awsome! Penny didn't know what to say. "Um, I don't no," she replied. "Well that terrific!!" said Kim. Penny colors more terrific, now.  Bye:Bethany Thomas
My story was part of the 7 and under mini-book.

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