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Tessa Emily Hall
Shoutouts to My Friends


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My shoutouts, MY FRIENDS!!

A Shoutouts page lets me say hello and share a few inside jokes over the web. Here's an example of a format I might use.

Sarah Lawson is my best freind in the world!!
Miranda is my BEST friend!!

Miranda~BFF, that will NEVER change!!
Sarah~You are the BEST friend ANYONE could have. Thanks for being my friend. BFF

Brittney~ :(, I'm going to miss ya!!!! Please come and visit me. :)
Tiffany~Hey!! I miss you. You are the best!! BFF

A friend is a...

There are some more shout outs,...
but i just didn't put all of them down.

Melissa~Hope that we can get together sometimes!! I miss you!! BFF
Kirten~Boy, oh, boy!! I miss you soo much. I don't even know your phone number!! Well we still can be friends, that NEVER will change.