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Tessa Emily Hall
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Casey meets Tina

Casey Meets Tina!!

Casey is this 7 year old . SHe is VERY pretty.
But her most favorite thing to do is write. She'll write EVERY day.
Well, she doesn't know how to spell a lot of stuff, so she just tells her
mom what to put. One day, she went outisde.

Casey Meets Tina!!

SHe looked and she looked all around. Not a soul from a person.
ALl she saw was a lady watering her flowers. SHe didn't care who it was, she wanted to meet a friend. SO she asked this lady who looked VERY nice.
She went over there. "UM, Mrs.," CAsey said, not shy at all, "can you please tell me where people my age live? See, I just moved here and I want to play with some friends. "Oh, yes," said the nice lady, "I have a little 7 year old , would you like to see her and play with her?" "Oh, very much," said Casey, "thank you." THe lady got this young with long, black curly hair. "UM, h-h-h-hey," Tina said. "Hey," said CAsey, not shy at all. THe lady said, "TIna, this is Casey, and CAsey, this is Tina." The lady offered for CAsey to stay and have dinner. THe mom said yes. NOw, Tina is her BEST friend in the world. THey used to be different, but now, they are JUST alike.

Casey Meets Tina!!

But before she went outside, she asked her mom.
"Mom," said CAsey, "CAn I PLEEEASE go outside??"
"Sure," said her mom, "only if you stay out of the rode. And when a car comes, come into the garage." "Yes mommy," said Casey. Casey
just moved into this neighbrohood. She wanted to meet new friends.

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