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Tessa Emily Hall
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Casey, The Home-coming Queen

Casey, The HOme-Coming Queen.

Casey, THe HOme-COming Queen

Casey knows this boy in her class named David. HE is very nice.
Casey and David's mom work together and knew each other before CAsey and DAvid were even born. Well, David playes football for Storm.
Casey and David knew each other ALL there life. THey have really fun together. One time, DAvid's team had to be escorted. Well, of course David chose Casey to escort her!! When Casey heard this great news, she was SOO exited!! "It is tomorrow at 12:00," Casey's mom said. Casey picked the most ADORABLE dress there ever was to weir. It was fluffy at the end, and with pick and purple flowers on it. She wore it for easter. "Well, that's lovley!!" Casey's mom said. SHe really liked it. There. they already knew what she was wearing to the game.

Casey, THe Home-Coming Queen

Casey, the Home-Coming Queen

Casey was SO exited, she NEVER could fall asleep. She woke up at 8:00 bye herself, got all ready, brushed her hair and put it up, and sat on the couch whatching some t.v. Well, her parents were VERY surprised seeing her all ready, especially her hair all bautiful and stuff.
   When they got there, it was 11:50. Casey made her parents and her go early. They mett up with Debra and Matt. (DAavid's parents.) David had got CAsey come beautiful flowers, and a very pretty neckalce.
     It was time. This person (Mr. Bob Johnson) were announcing who comes first and stuff. It came to CAsey. "Casey Barnes, sponcered bye David Harris." She wasn't nearvous at all, but when she was holding DAvid's hand (YUCK!) she could feel it shaking his nails off. "It is now time to call out the Home-Coming King and Queen who loked beautiful tomight. They are Casey Barnes and David Harris!!" THey went up there, still holding hands. THey heard a whole crowd of people cheering. THey got Casey a barbie, and David a football. When they got home, they had apple pie to celebrate. "This is the BEST day of my life," said Casey, while she was eating.