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Tessa Emily Hall
Friends Photo Album


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Here are some pictures of my friends.

Graci(left), Lexie, Sarah, and ME!!!!
We were at cheerleading practice.

On the left is my friend Sarah, and on the right is me!!

Left is me, right is Jasimine.
Jasmine was my old neighboor.



We were at cheerleading competition.


THis is a picture of me and my cousins and my aunt, CHeryl.
Oh, and I gotta say, we all are grown up now. AUnt CHeryl is different, and all of us are. And, that is me. THe baby with the big head. Near my aunt. LOL!! :)

I have more friends, and I love them all!! Oh, plus
I wanna my mean cousin, Kris, her website. It is PLEASE GO THERE!!